About Us | Andrew Usov, Photographer Guam USA
Currently: Guam 🤙, USA 🗽

Привет! Hi, We are Andrew & Kate, international photographers from Russia. Now we are on Guam – yes, from winter to endless summer!

We have been working as professional photographers for 5 years. During this time, we have had a pleasure to take pictures of couples, families, children, and even cars! 🚘 Our passion is to creatively captures life as it happens. We aim to create photographs that not only catch the most meaningful moments but to be a support to your ideas and desires for your photography. 📸

We are happily married since September 2018. Sometimes we work together, especially on big shooting and weddings, sometimes Andrew stays behind the camera while Kate helping you with posing. But, when it comes to weddings shooting, we both work as photographers!

Once discovered our passion for photography, we never stopped. Let's create your story! Contact us now.