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Once we went to a studio, and not to a usual, but to a special, photo one! Well, we’re shooting means such, when suddenly we saw a fan lying on the floor. I would not say that it was really huge, rather so small and mediocre, just to blow models’ hair. Don’t get me wrong, of course, we have been blowing too, but the post is not about that.

So one of the guys grabbed this fan and started to run blowing on everyone, well, just for fun. So at that moment, when this jerk with a fan ran past, interfering with the process, a breeze blew up at Seryoga (model). We all understand that the wind is most likely cold ... in most cases ...

Actually, in this picture, you see the very moment when Seryoga dismisses this fan, and I jokingly say: “are you burned, or what?”. Thus, it would seem, the spoiled frame turned into a beautiful picture. Do not rush to throw your "bad" frames, well, or at least look at them better before pressing delete..